High-resolution (5 cm) image over terrain height model (above) processed to a 3D model of canopy height, size class and stem density (below). Trees 15-26 meters height, low (light-blue); high (red); below 15 meters transparent.


High-resolution (5 cm) orthoimagery

UAV or Drones are about data

The unique perspectives drones provide were once solely the domain of manned aircraft and satellites.  The altitude and speed at which they collect data are beneficial for larger area mapping (>2,000 acres).  More site-specific applications specializing in high-accuracy high-resolution data collection benefit tremendously from the time and cost savings from both one-time only and  multiple-return projects from start to finish.

Our job is to make sure you have the right data you need to make decisions.  The drone’s popularity often masks its real benefit as a data collection tool.  Whatever your end-use is, we develop a solution that gets you the data you need.


Adam Bausch, Owner

FAA Certified Pilot

Part 107 Remote Pilot Rated

Legacy Section 333 Exemption Grant

12+ years experience GIS and Remote Sensing

CSP (MEM), Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment

U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer



Service Provider and Consultant

We are in the business of providing engineers, planners and environmental consultants the site-specific aerial imagery they need quickly and at an affordable price.

Zugunruhe Geo understands that a clear path to survey design and data processing are essential for meeting those objectives. Furthermore, smaller organizations and businesses looking to apply UAV for data collection or photography purposes often have project-specific needs that require reliable and deployable collection services without having to deal with the logistical challenges.

Organizations utilizing commercial drones as a tool for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), inspection, and site assessment applications, require a clear understanding of their end-analysis goals. 

Zugunruhe Geo, LLC. draws on years of experience in GIS/Remote Sensing, UAV and mobile data collection projects to provide our clients actionable data. 

We focus on applications in natural resources,  disaster response, real estate/construction, inspections, and humanitarian issues.


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