Site Assessment Design

We work with the client to develop a  “big picture” approach to understanding the final deliverable.  The end-goal is dissected in terms of accuracy, resolution, processing and hardware requirements of the client to develop a site assessment that fits the scope of the final product.  

Data/Image Collection and Processing

We provide in-house UAV data collection and image processing services or assist clients to develop their own. 


We develop HD Video, photographs, orthoimagery, maps and 3D models that maximizes impact for your project.


Integration with GIS and CAD

The data are generated with GIS and CAD analyses in mind.  The visualization is just one component.  The images provide the basis for volumetric analysis, digital surface generation and GIS/CAD analyses.  Integrate your own field data to create visual models to draw your own spatial relationships.

             High-resolution (5 cm) image over 3D model  of 194-acre Cypress wetland complex

Zugunruhe Geo, LLC. expressly disclaims responsibility for damages or liability from any claims that may arise out of the use or misuse of services/deliverables.  These data are supplied as is with no warranty.  It is the sole responsibility of the user to determine if the data on the map meets the user’s needs.  The products are not created as survey data, nor should it be used as such.  It is the user’s responsibility to obtain proper survey data, prepared by a licensed surveyor, where required by law.

Additional Services

  • Panorama photography
  • Virtual aerial tours
  • GIS database management and design
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Sub-decimeter GNSS/GPS solutions

We customize an aerial data collection and analysis package that suits our customers’ needs.

High-resolution (5cm) orthoimagery (above) digital surface model (below) of Cypress wetland. High relative height (red); low relative height (purple).